Reflections on the SeNet

Statistics show that the middle class group comprises of 50% of the Indian community and more than 11% of the Malaysian registered professionals are from the Indian community. Therefore we have a lot of potential in our community and it is just a matter of instilling the need to lend a helping hand to others that will get the ball rolling, and we will be able to make mountains move.

Over the weeks, we have received a lot of good response from the community especially during the launch of the SeNet. Yet at the same time, we have been faced with a number of cynics who doubt this idea and are very skeptical about the SeNet. There seems no point in avoiding these comments and instead we should address these issues in order to settle any doubts before embarking on this mission.

There are valid reasons to doubt the purpose of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network. Some may think it is merely political, some may think that it will just die of after awhile, some may think that it is not sustainable or that it is redundant as there are already other groups addressing these same issues.

What is it that makes the SeNet different from other NGOs? Why should people register in the SeNet? As aptly put by Dato’ Seri, “This network provides an avenue for social engagement & community service,” and that is the key point, providing a network, a community of people to work together and support one another in this quest for social upliftment.

Well if we look at the whole Network objectively, there are pros and cons which is apparent in any organization or business. There will definitely be failures along with successes, but the bottom line is that we will never know till we try. Also, true, the SeNet may be doing something that is already being covered by other groups, but the issues at hand are so extensive, it is not possible for individual groups to uplift the entire community.

Why should we all work individually if our intentions are to help others? Does it not seem more sensible to all work together and pool our resources and capabilities to ensure that we make a substantial difference?

Community service is not about self–glorification, it is not about financial gain, it’s about the minority, the underprivileged, and if we put our personal views aside and plan with the community’s best interest at heart, we will truly be extending a helping hand.

We hope to achieve this through the SeNet and only time, commitment and perseverance will be able to show results in the people we are planning to assist.

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