SeNet Launch Brings A Mix Of Expertise, Ages And Races

The launch of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network (SeNet) on the 6th of September was a roaring success with more than 200 professionals attending the function. Amongst the guests were Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu, Minister of Works, Dato’ S. Subramaniam, Dato’ S. Veerasingam, and Dato’ G. Palanivel. Also present, were a group of invited guests which includes Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, Dato’ Cyrus Dass, Prof. C.P. Ramachandran, Dato Dr. Thambirajah, Dato’ Dr. Veeraramany, Mr. P.O. Thomas and Mr. Pardeep Kumar.
 Reflections on the SeNet
Statistics show that the middle class group comprises of 50% of the Indian community and more than 11% of the Malaysian registered professionals are from the Indian community. Therefore we have a lot of potential in our community and it is just a matter of instilling the need to lend a helping hand to others that will get the ball rolling, and we will be able to make mountains move.

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